Seven Incredible Gadgets That Have Improved Various Team Sports

The sporting industry has enjoyed an incredible run thanks to various tech innovations in the last century. These gadgets have helped improve how we enjoy sports, and athletes are better protected today. 

The competition is fiercer now because athletes perform much higher, thanks to different gadgets. Fans can also explore other areas, such as betting on NFL lines, even without following the sport comprehensively. In addition, data and other essential tools are up for grabs. 

Smart Watches for Goal Tracking

Smartwatches for goal tracking is one of the incredible gadgets that has improved various teams. It alerts the referee whenever the ball passes the line in the net behind the goalkeeper. As a result, the watch industry has changed from the boring old style to an intelligent system with digital screens called smart watches. 

They are related to mobile devices as they can perform similar tasks such as keeping time, making and receiving calls, and taking pictures. However, another feature of smartwatches is that they are worn around the wrist by the referee officiating a game to keep up with time while the players use the wearable bright ring, which measures body temperature, heart rate, and others. 

Communication Gadgets for On and Off-field Referees 

Another gadget that has improved various team sports is communication gadgets for on and off-field referees. With the help of some systems, referees can communicate with each other during games. One of the systems used by Referees for better communication is the EJEAS FBIM.

It is an intercom communication system specially designed for referees, offering several features that make it an ideal choice for referees in various sports. First, it is a four-person full duplex intercom system, which means all four referees can communicate with each other simultaneously without interruptions.  

Flying Drones

Flying drones is another incredible gadget that has improved various sports. They are beneficial for recording sports and live game training sessions. It enables the coaches to review the recording to make adjustments if necessary. For example, it might be individual performance or team tactics and behavior.  

On the other hand, flying drones can also be used for security at significant sporting events, monitoring and controlling large crowds. Every drone transmits data to the crowd management team, enabling them to determine how to respond quickly and more efficiently in the event of any risks or breaches of security.

Smart Socks

Smart socks are part of the gadgets that have improved various team sports. They reduce the risk of friction and friction wounds, improve circulation, accelerate recovery, have a thermoregulatory effect, and helps every athlete achieve goals during their workout. 

Smart socks also track players’ heart rate, motion, sweat levels, and other activities during training or workout. The benefits of wearing smart socks are to reduce injury risk and rehabilitation, relieve musculoskeletal pain, accelerate the healing and hydration process, maintain body temperature, and many more. 

Smart TVs with Ultra Display

Smart TVs with Ultra displays are also known as 4k Ultra HD TVs, having four times the picture resolution of a full HD TV and a fast refresh rate that smooths out motion. It is perfect for sports and fast-paced action scenes. 

For example, a smart TV with Ultra Display is hung at the top of two sides in a football stadium for a better view of game replay. It helps the fans to see the action going on clearly, especially for fans that are far away from the pitch.   

VAR Gadgets

Special VAR gadgets have improved various sports, and it has helped Video assist referees in making accurate decisions. One of the gadgets is the 42 broadcast cameras they have access to, eight of which are super slow motion and four ultra slow motion. 

Slow-motion replays are used mainly for situations that are factual. For example, to indicate the point of contact of a physical offense or the position of an offense during a game.    

Smart Balls

Smart Balls are another incredible gadget that has improved various team sports. They are specially developed to track players during a game. It consists of a small diameter sphere with a susceptible acoustic sensor. The sensor delivers precise positional data, and the inertial measurement unit sensor detects subtle movements of the ball. 

Smart balls have different uses in sports, inducing the ability to help athletes critique their shooting ability. The ball is unique and has a suspended sensor that helps to improve the dead-kick technique, providing instant feedback on the kick’s power, trajectory, spin, and strike accuracy. 

The ball uses Bluetooth sensor technology and a network of receivers around the field to track its positions at all times. Then, the information from the ball is sent to the referee’s watch-like device.

Goal-Line Technology

Goal-Line Technology is another fantastic gadget that has improved various team sports. This technology is a technical way of assisting the referee in quickly noticing if the whole of the ball crosses the goal line in football, for example. As a result, it allows the referee to make their final decision. 

The GLT works because fourteen cameras usually capture up to five hundred frames per second, sending the image to an image processing unit. So, whenever the whole ball passes through the line, it sends a signal to the watch of the referees. 

Radar Gun in Baseball

The Radar Gun in Baseball is another fantastic gadget that has improved various team sports. This gadget is commonly used to measure pitch seed, and it is also used to measure every pitch an MLB pitcher throws. Although, it can be used more in baseball, softball, and other sports games.  

Hawkeye and Cyclops Tracking System in Tennis     

The Hawkeye and Cyclos tracking system uses numerous camera angles to monitor and trace the trajectory of a tennis ball. It uses six or more computer-linked television cameras placed around the court. However, the computer now processes the video in real-time and tracks the ball on each camera.

Not only in Tennis, these gadgets are used in numerous sports, including Cricket, Gaelic, Badminton, Football, Rugby union, Volleyball, etc. 

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