Best Sporting Event to Attend on Six of the Continents

Sports and travel really should go hand-in-hand, even though that’s not the way that some people think when planning a vacation. Since there are sporting events taking place all around the world, it can be easy to plan a trip based on the biggest events. 

Those in the United States tend to get focused on NCAAB odds or odds for the other top US events, but there are some great leagues throughout the world. Here is a look at the best sporting event to attend on six of the seven continents found on Earth. 

Australia: Australian Open

The continent of Australia tends to be overlooked a bit when it comes to sports, but it’s the host of the Australian Open every single year. Other major professional sports tend to ignore Australia, but that’s not the case when it comes to professional tennis. 

You will never run out of things to look and see in Australia as it’s a place unlike anywhere else in the entire world. Melbourne Park is the host of the Australian Open every year, and taking a trip there will put you right in the heart of the continent. 

Even if you aren’t a major tennis fan, it’s worth your time to visit Australia as you will never run out of things to see and do. The best tennis players in the world always make it a point to head down to Australia for this event as it’s a trip to one of the coolest places in the world. 

Make sure you enjoy your time down in Australia, and be ready to check out some of the animals and landscapes that can’t be found anywhere else. 

Africa: Africa Cup

Running is a huge part of the culture in the continent of Africa, but football (soccer) remains the most popular sport. Every single country in Africa has some sort of professional team, and there are also some terrific club teams that play the sport. 

If you want to visit the continent of Africa for a sport-related trip, then you need to check out the Africa Cup. This is a tournament that features all of the best soccer teams in the country, and you will be in the heart of a terrific continent. 

It’s hard to really describe just how passionate soccer fans are when it comes to their favorite teams, but you will be able to see that during the Africa Cup. While you are in Africa, be sure to sign up to take a safari of some sort as that is an experience that you can’t get anywhere else. 

Asia: Great Wall Marathon

If you exclude Russia when trying to find the best sporting events in Asia, then you will want to look at the countries of China and Japan. China is known for basketball, and Japan is known for baseball, but racing is going to provide the best event to attend. 

The Great Wall Marathon is an event that takes place every year, and races take on the Great Wall during a terrific marathon event. Most of the top runners in the world show up to China each year for this race, and you will also get to experience the terrific culture and people of China if you attend. 

Europe: Tour de France

You could make a list of about 10 great sporting events that take place on the continent of Europe, but it’s the Tour de France that always stands out. This event took a major hit during the scandal surrounding Lance Armstrong, but it remains one of the best sporting events in the world. 

One of the best reasons to travel to Europe during the Tour de France is for the simple fact that you will get to see all of the best parts of the country. Every stage seems to highlight a great part of the country, and following along with the action will keep you busy. 

Not only will you be able to run into some locals while visiting the Tour de France, you will also get to experience this event with people from all over the world. Be sure to spend a large chunk of your journey in Paris as that’s one of the best cities in the world. 

North America: The Masters

When it comes to North America, you aren’t going to run out of great options for annual sporting events. Most people would agree that the Super Bowl is at the top of this list, but that’s an event that changes locations every single year. 

If you are looking for a North American event that always stays at the same place, then it’s best to look at the world of golf. The most iconic golf course in the sport is located at Augusta National in Georgia, and it’s home to the Masters. 

The weather is nearly perfect every single year at the Masters, and you are always sure to see the best golfers in the world. You should create a bucket list of North American sporting events, and the Masters needs to be at the top of that list. 

South America: World Cup 

When it comes to South America, there aren’t a ton of great sporting events that take place on an annual basis. That doesn’t mean that his continent isn’t big on sports, as some of the best soccer in the world tends to be played here. 

If you are going to plan a trip to South America around sports, then you will want to wait until the World Cup is scheduled to take place on this continent. Brazil is a country that tends to get awarded the World Cup or other events plenty of times, and that would be the perfect time to visit that area. 

It can get hot in South America when it’s time for the World Cup, but there are northern parts of the continent that have better weather. Every country in South America tends to offer something different, and it’s best to check out as many countries as possible. 

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