TCS Courier Tracking

Have you been planning to send any packages to your household and friends? Are you conscious to know whether your parcel will be delivered on time or not? Well, you don’t need to worry about it because the TCS tracking service is available right here for you!

TCS provides its clients with access to which they can hold an entire look at their services. They make sure that the parcels are delivered on time without any hassle. Over the last few years, the service of TCS provider has been working in Pakistan where they are delivering excellent and fastest delivery of packages in different areas of Pakistan at affordable rates. They have set up their branches in almost all the major cities of Pakistan for the convenience of people.

TCS Tracking Information & Benefits

TCS Courier Tracking is one of the largest Pakistani courier service company. Its headquarter is in Karachi, Pakistan. TCS is the company that changed the concept of postal services in Pakistan. TCS is operating from several thousand outlets throughout Pakistan. It has its own delivery vehicles and even an airline. TCS is also managing many local governments and international government operations with different departments and managing occasional services.

  • It will streamline your collection & delivery process
  • You will experience high cost and time benefits
  • It even ensures that your products are delivered correctly on the first attempt.
  • Eliminate all the unnecessary trips to save on your transportation costs
  • Drive down all the logistics costs
  • Get real-time latest updates on the status of your packages
  • Improve customer experience with flexible collection & delivery timings

List of Services Offered by TCS

  • Domestic Delivery
  • Heavy Weight Delivery
  • Warehousing and Distribution
  • Mail Management System
  • Tracking Tools
  • TCS Cargo
  • International Delivery
  • Bulk Delivery
  • E-Com Solution
  • Self Service Centre
  • TCS Cool Control
  • TCS Travel and Visa
  • HEC attestation service
  • Pakistan Passport service
  • Several Banks’ postal service
  • UAE Visa and Embassy service
  • Punjab Police driving license delivery service
  • Umrah Travel
  • Leisure Travel
  • Business Travel
  • And many more…

Now as if you are using the TCS service for the first time, then the simple query which would possibly hit your mind is how you can maintain a track record of the TCS consignment in Pakistan.

Right through this TCS tracking Pakistan blog, we will let the readers know about major services and different methods which you can use to track your TCS courier service easily!

What is TCS Courier Tracking System?

TCS Courier Tracking System is known to be the most convenient and best feature of the TCS. With the help of this feature, customers will be able to keep a complete track record of their shipments and get to know their delivery schedule. TCS courier tracking facility is providing a detailed and brief information chart related to the packages which are sent through the TCS.

With the help of TCS courier services tracking, you can keep a complete track record of your delivery packet. This is done through the use of unique numbers that are provided by the company. This number is known as the TCS Tracking Number.

You can perform the TCS courier tracking with the help of 4 methods as mentioned:

  • Method 1: TCS Tracking by the Tracking Number
  • Method 2: TCS tracking by use of Email
  • Method 3: TCS tracking by using Reference Number
  • Method 4: TCS Tracking by your Account Number

Now let’s discuss each one of these methods one by one for your assistance:

1: TCS Tracking by the Tracking Number

To get a complete TCS Pakistan track record of your delivery or shipment through the tracking number, you just need to follow the steps which are required to track it through the tracking number. This TCS tracking ID or number is a unique set of numbers that is given to you by the TCS representative as you will send your parcel delivery.

2: TCS Tracking by Use of Email

The next most common method has been tracking your TCS order or parcel through the use of your email! You just need to follow basic instructions in which you have to mention your email address as well.

As you will click the link, you will be assigned a box in which you have to mention your email address as well as the tracking number. As you are done with it, you can instantly get the available information on your email address along with the tracking number.

3: TCS tracking by using Reference Number

Hence in this method, you will be using your PTCL or your passport as the reference number to enter the account number on the next coming page. This page or the link will help you to track or find your package easily.

You do have a choice in which you can also track our delivery shipment through the use of reference of PTCL or Passport number. But make sure that you already mention it over the package at the time of sending it.

4: TCS Tracking by your Account Number

The last method is about tracking your TCS parcel through your account number! If you already have an account with TCS Pakistan, then you just need to mention your account number over the parcel at the time of sending.

With the help of this account number, you will be able to keep a track record of your delivery shipment without any hassle. This has been probably one of the most reliable and easiest methods which are often used by e-Commerce business owners.

5: HEC Degree Attestation Services

Higher Education Commission is providing degree attestation services via courier throughout Pakistan and from abroad. TCS is a proud partner of HEC for this service to attest education degrees and transcripts from all cities of Pakistan.

Applicants can select the degree attestation option as a courier from the HEC website and select TCS from the courier service. After scrutiny, print the application from the HEC website and go to any designated TCS center near you and submit your documents along with photocopies and submit your fees in the same center.

Everything you need to know about TCS Courier Tracking Vehicle App

You can also download the app, which is suitably designed to keep a complete record of TCS courier tracking! This app has been related to vehicle tracking with which you can keep a complete track record of the vehicle on the road on a real-time basis. You can keep complete track of the TCS shipping employees as well as their boarding or locations.

Hence this TCS pk vehicle tracking app is a free software application that is available in the English language for users. You can install this app on your Android phones as well. Its file size is 4.72MB.

Tracking your order with SMS

Another technique would be getting access to SMS. You can additionally get the monitoring service thru the use of SMS. By citing your tracking access in the SMS, you have to ship your message to +923332177168. You will be getting a reply back related to the information on your whole package.

Calling at Helpline Center

Lastly, we will let you understand the helpline right thru which you can get a rapid response about your parcel and order delivery. You can make a name at the helpline center of the TCS which is +9221111123156. You can get the consultant information about your order, and they will, in return, let you know about the whole package deal or delivery. This is such a convenient way if the above strategies fail to deliver ample results.

Charges of TCS Delivery Service

TCS has the widest set of private networks inside Pakistan and a unique set of services to offer. All those items that are needed to be shipped, should comply with the terms and conditions of the company. For items which are exceeding the standard size, the weight will hence be considered based on the volume.

Standard delivery is all the more based on the size of the package and the destination. Heavier and yet bigger packages are charged more and so are the packages meant for other cities.

  • For packages under 2kg, Almost Rs. 230 is charged within the city
  • For packages between 2kg-5kg, Almost Rs. 800 is charged within the city

Frequently Asked Questions-FAQs

1. After how long time TCS will deliver your parcel?

Well, it depends upon the area or the location where the parcel needs to be delivered. It is inside your city then it will probably take 24-48 hours to deliver! For the different city destinations, a maximum of 2 days will be taken. Once you have placed the parcel delivery, the delivery provider will take your parcel from the desired office within 60 minutes.

2. What are the charges of TCS in Pakistan?

For the packages which are falling in between 2kg-5k, it will charge around Rs. 200. And for the packages which are between the weight of 5-25kg for them the charges within the city will be Rs 250.

3. How you can cancel your TCS order placed for delivery?

You can call the customer helpline at +92 (21) 111 123 456. You can also send the email to [email protected].

4. Are parcels delivered on Sundays?

No regular parcel delivery is done on Sunday. Only those parcels are delivered on Sundays which are paid with some extra charges.

5. Is TCS Service safe and reliable?

TCS is yet known to be the best, and cheapest, and hence the most trusted courier company in Pakistan, which is delivering services for both local and internationally regions. TCS hence spreads over more than 220 countries which are covering approximately 3,500+ destinations worldwide.

For more information, call us on TCS 24/7 helpline number Pakistan +9221-111-123-456 to get the status of your shipment.
UAE: +971-600565651
UK: +44-208849560appbox.pk0


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