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1st Movers Edinburgh offers a wide range of moving services to help both residential and commercial clients with their relocation needs. As a full-service moving company based in Edinburgh, Scotland, 1st Movers aims to provide stress-free and efficient moving experiences. In this article, we will explore some of the key services offered.

1. Residential Moving Services

One of the core aspects of 1st Movers’ business is providing moving services for residential clients. Whether clients are moving homes within Edinburgh or relocating to a new city or country, 1st Movers can handle every step of the process.

Some key residential moving services include:

i. Packing Services – Experienced movers will carefully pack all belongings using appropriate boxes and packing materials to ensure items arrive safely at their destination. Clients do not need to lift a finger.

ii. Loading and Unloading – Strong movers load all packed boxes and large furniture onto the moving truck. They then unload everything at the new home and bring items inside.

iii. Storage Solutions – For clients who need storage between moves, 1st Movers offers secure short or long-term storage units. Belongings can be stored until the new home is ready.

iv. International Moves – For overseas relocations, 1st Movers assists with international paperwork, customs regulations, and worldwide shipping and delivery services.

With residential moves, clients work with a dedicated project manager to plan timelines. Customized quotes also factor in the type and volume of items to be moved.

2. Commercial and Office Moving

In addition to moving homes, 1st Movers is highly experienced in relocating commercial and office spaces. Their services include:

i. Packing and Relocation – Well-trained teams pack and label all office supplies, IT equipment, furniture, and other items for safe transport.

ii. Services – Movers assemble and place furniture and install any purchased new fixtures, equipment, and IT infrastructure at the new office.

iii. Secure Storage – Short or long-term storage solutions ensure commercial goods stay protected until delivery or return.

iv. Business Continuity – Careful planning aims to minimize disruption to operations during office relocations and transfers between buildings.

Commercial clients benefit from dedicated project managers, inventory logs, and insurance coverage during moves. 1st Movers has experience relocating companies of all sizes.

3. Additional Services

Beyond standard pack and move services, 1st Movers offers additional solutions:

i. Specialist Services – Teams are trained to safely handle delicate items like artwork or lab equipment that require extra care.

ii. Disconnection and Reconnection – Movers will disconnect and reconnect appliances, electronics, and IT equipment during residential or commercial moves.

iii. Cleaning Services – Pre-move cleans or post-move dusting services ensure properties are presented in pristine condition.

iv. Price Matching – Clients requesting multiple quotes can provide competitor estimates for 1st Movers to price match and meet or beat.

v. Auctions and Sales – Unwanted furniture or office items can be sold via 1st Movers’ auction partners.

By providing an all-inclusive range of services, 1st Movers aims to make every relocation experience as smooth and hassle-free as possible for clients.

Experience and Credentials

What sets 1st Movers Edinburgh apart is their substantial experience in the moving industry. As a fourth-generation family business established in 1948, they have spent decades serving the local market.

Some key facts that support their expertise include:

We have more than 1,5000 satisfied customers.

Fully certified, trained, and insured moving teams who handle thousands of moves each year.

Members of national industry associations like the Scottish Moving Consortium.

Maintain top safety certifications and quality accreditations like ISO 9001.

Continually invest in the latest moving equipment and trucks to handle all job types.

Score consistent 5-star reviews on review sites for professionalism and reliability.

This strong reputation and history in the market give clients added peace of mind when choosing 1st Movers for their relocation needs.


In conclusion, 1st Movers Edinburgh offers a comprehensive portfolio of moving, packing, storage, and ancillary services to deliver smooth residential, commercial, and office relocations. Backed by over seven decades of industry knowledge and expertise, they are a well-established full-service moving company that clients can rely on for any relocation requirements. Their experienced teams and flexible solutions aim to simplify every aspect of the moving process.

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