What Metrics Can Be Used To Analyze Fault After A Motorcycle Accident? 

In Georgia, motorcycle accidents can happen due to negligence or even other factors that are not in the driver’s control. There are various ways through which a proper analysis can be done on who’s fault caused the accident. Those can be visible signs, or they can be minor details that ultimately caused the accident. 

No matter how the accident was caused or who is liable, you have to make sure that you get medical attention as soon as possible. Consult Lawbike Motorcycle Injury Lawyers in order to get a proper line of action and professional help. 

What Metrics Can Be Useful For Fault Analysis? 

  1. Speed of The Vehicle

Driving above the speed limit is one of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents. People love the feeling of adrenaline, and that is precisely when something unexpected happens. It is essential to know the speed of both vehicles in order to determine who was at fault. 

  1. Skid Marks of The Tyres

If someone was at a high speed and the collision happened, there would be skid marks on the tires. Using that, we can determine if the accident occurred due to high speed or someone else’s negligence in switching lanes. If the skid marks are from a longer distance, it could mean that the driver was speeding and knew that he would crash, so he started applying brakes. On the other hand, if the skid marks are for a shorter distance, it could mean that someone switched lanes suddenly and the driver did not have enough time to apply the brakes fully. 

  1. Visibility and light exposure: 

Evaluating the visibility of motorcycles and other vehicles, as well as the quality of the lighting, particularly at night, is essential. If the cars exit a tunnel, it is possible to have the least visibility, and the chances of collision increase. Keeping driving speed to a minimum is very important to avoid these kinds of accidents. 

  1. Driver behavior: 

Looking at the motorbike riders and other drivers’ prior activities, such as lane changes, signaling, or abrupt movement, that could have led to the collision. Sometimes, drivers switch lanes without looking in the side mirror for any approaching vehicles, and this is what causes these motorcycle accidents. 

If you have been a victim of a motorcycle accident, make sure to reach out to an attorney for professional assistance. They have the right amount of experience in handling these situations. 

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