TCS Tracking by Number | How can you easily Track your TCS Package?

If you are shipping your package or parcel to an unknown location for the first time, the very first stress you feel is whether the parcel will be delivered at the right time and place or not. Knowing that your parcel will be arrived on time and in the right place is a sign of great relief. Have you ever thought about TCS tracking by number system for your parcel?

How is the TCS Tracking System Helpful for you?

To remove any uncertainty about your packages, TCS has introduced a TCS Tracking by number system for all of its parcels and packages. Through this feature, users will track the record of their parcel location during the delivery process.

There are different methods that you can use to track your parcel during the delivery procedure. Right through this blog, we will let you know about all the simple and easy to perform TCS tracking methods for your parcels one by one:

How can you track your TCS Package with Tracking Number?

Like the rest of the shipping services, TCS provides its customers with the parcel tracking number once the item’s shipment has been started. The whole process of TCS tracking by number is straightforward and easy.

With this method, you can know about the current status of your parcel. Also, you may know about whether it is stuck in one place or got into the trap of customs. Make sure your parcel reaches at the right time and destination without any hassle.

To track your TCS package, you can click here and enter your tracking number. This tracking number is given to the customer at the time of shipment. As you enter the tracking number, click on the “track” option.

Tcs Tracking

Is it possible to Track your TCS Package with Email?

The next important method is tracking your TCS parcel through an email address! This is quite an easy way to track your TCS package, but it will probably take some time for the TCS Company to respond, which might take a little long time.

You have to open the mailing app or website and send your email with the query to [email protected]. In the subject line, you have to mention your TCS tracking number Pakistan. In response back, you will be receiving details of your package in your email.

Method of Tracking TCS Package with SMS

For the convenience of people, TCS is also providing you with an opportunity to track your parcel or package delivery through SMS service. You need to enter your tracking number in the message inbox and send it to “+923332177168”.

However, you will get a reply back from TCS’s response, which will include the basic details about your parcel. You are just allowed to send one tracking number per SMS.

Track your TCS Package with Helpline

Lastly, we have the method of tracking the TCS package with the help of a TCS helpline. You can check the status of your parcel by calling at TCS helpline. Call at +9221-111-123-456 and ask the customer care representative related to the status of your parcel. In this way, customer care will ask for your parcel tracking number and, in return, will share all the details with you.

Additional Methods Of Tcs Tracking

You do have a choice where you can also know about the TCS tracking by CNIC number. This is quite an easy way, but this will put you in a hassle to leak out your CNIC details, which is not suitable.

TCS tracking by mobile number is also possible and is a quick procedure to track your parcel. In the past, it was a little impossible to track your package. But now, as the courier service has made a little advancement in its system. So,  it has become so much easy and effortless to do so.

As the courier service has picked your parcel and you have signed on for it, you need to wait until your package reaches the desired location.

The best thing about TCS tracking procedures is that they are completely free of cost and will not charge any money. Just the SMS tracking system will deduct you with few charges which are not too heavy. Make sure your parcel reaches at the right time and destination without any hassle.


This was all about the inside details on how you can perform TCS tracking by number through different methods. We hope that after checking out all the methods, you will find it so easy to track your parcel’s details.
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