An Ultimate Complete Guide to TCS Courier Tracking After Dispatch

Those people who have been using TCS courier service for the first time are curious to know about how they can track their delivery parcel. Well, Tcs tracking after dispatch is extremely easy and simple to do. Their tracking procedures will allow you to get the latest updates about your delivered packages through online processing.

Customers can check the tracking updates of their parcel through their registration numbers. No matter whether you are sending a parcel domestic or global, TCS tracking will let you know all the details on just one click.

Once you have booked your consignment, representatives will issue the customer with a shipping tracking number. Through this assigned tracking number, you can check out your package’s updates till your consignment is shipped to your doorway.

Some FAQs About Tcs Tracking After Dispatch

1. How long does TCS take to deliver inside the city?

Unlike traditional courier delivery, TCS Hazir Time Choice service provider can locate their requests on cellphones or via the TCS website. However, after that, a rider picks up the parcel within 60 minutes and delivers it to the destination spot at the requested time.

2. What does it means when it says your order is in transit?

If the tracking fame is “In Transit,” it means that it is on its way to the last destination. The parcel, in reality, has to pass through the exclusive branches of the carrier’s community earlier than being delivered to the recipient.

3. What is a tracking ID number?

The tracking ID is a string like UA-000000-2. It should be protected in your tracking code to inform Analytics which account and property to ship facts.

4. Can TCS pick up from home?

TCS has launched its new provider, referred to as TCS Hazir. Through this facility, they will get your courier shipments up from your doorstep. Customers can name TCS Hazir (111-123-456) and book documents and parcels of up to 25 kg right at their doorstep.

5. How can I use TCS in Pakistan?

Customers can call TCS on 021-111-123-456 and book their archives and parcels of up to 25kg.

6. Do TCS deliver parcels on Sundays?

TCS does not deliver the parcels on Sundays. If any emergency parcel is required to be delivered, they will make it happen with extra charges.

7. How you can send money through TCS?

Sending money through TCS is quite easy and simple. You need to visit the nearest office of your TCS Center and sign a form to open your TCS account. Although, they will also ask for identity card photocopy and Bank cheque Photocopy or a scanned soft copy in most cases. After crossing through the whole scanned process, TCS will send money to the account.


So this was an end of overview related to Tcs tracking after dispatch! Although it is quite simple and straight-forward to perform. You just need to have online access, and you will be all done with it!
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