How and Where to Buy Edibles Online Legally In 2022

Edibles have been around for a long time, with the most notable edibles being brownies. For most individuals, eating brownies was their first cannabis experience. However, the good thing is that edibles are not limited to brownies nowadays.

Today, the legal requirement for cannabis products is not as stringent as before. Therefore, it is easy to get edibles legally and safely online. Many websites, including notable brands, provide incredible edibles online, including delta-9, delta-8, and more. This piece will unpack how to buy edibles online and the best websites to buy them legally.

How to Buy Edibles Online

You might have noticed some CBD vendors selling edibles. Also, you might have observed that some cannabis products can be sold online while others cannot.

Is it legal to buy edibles online? This question might cross your mind when you want to get your edibles from an online store. So, to eliminate your doubt, the answer to the question is yes. Edibles are legal in many states, provided they contain a maximum of 0.3% THC. It is a federal crime to buy products exceeding 0.3% THC. Also, ensure you check the status of recreational marijuana in your state before searching for edibles.

Buying edibles online is straightforward. Most online websites offer delivery services and have a wide range of products to order at affordable prices. You can get a local dispensary by using a store calculator. Visit the store’s website, shop for your desired product, and await delivery.

All you need to do is select the items, fill your cart, choose a delivery window, select your address, and choose the preferred payment method. It would help if you were above twenty-one years to place an order and may be requested to prove that by showing your ID.

There are many advantages of ordering your edibles online. You will enjoy convenience, delivery options, various payment options, and exclusive offers. Additionally, you will save time and money by shopping online. It is, therefore, clear that shopping for your edibles online is the way to go.

Where to Buy Edibles Online

From delicious cupcakes to sweet chocolate to gummies, it doesn’t matter what edible you want; you will get plenty of options online. Below are some of the best online stores where you can legally get the best edibles.

1. CBD Genesis

CBD Genesis is a leader in hemp vending in the American market. You can get various products, including delta-10, delta-8, HHC, THC-O, and CBD products. You can also buy edibles legally from CBD Genesis’s website.

The company boasts years of experience, and you are assured of getting the highest quality products at unbeatable prices. The safety of the products is also vital, with all the products in their catalog having undergone third-party lab approval. What’s more, you will experience the best customer service and fast response if you have any questions regarding a product.

2. Budpop

Budpop uses prepared hemp products from USA farms, especially in Nevada. It goes on to ensure it uses the best extraction method, the CO2  extraction method, which extracts plants from roots in oil form without any damage. Consequently, the company manufactures products of high quality without leaving behind destruction.

Budpop products such as gummies, flowers, carts, and edibles are infused with delta-8 oil under careful supervision. Its products are 100% organic and do not contain any harmful chemicals. The company tests the products at a third-party laboratory as the last step before they are ready for customers. You can request the lab reports via email, and the company will avail them to you.

The brand understands that the market is full of millennials looking for the best edibles. It combines its products with fresh flavors to give edibles a great taste. Furthermore, all the products are in legal compliance as stated under the 2018 farm bill. All the products have a THC level of 0.3% or less.

3. Exhale Wellness

Exhale Wellness is one of the notable brands to purchase edibles if you are looking to buy them online legally and safely. It has a website that is easy to navigate, making it possible to buy products quickly.

The brand offers a variety of delta-9, delta-8, HHC gummies, and CBD gummies and is famous among edible consumers for its delta-8 THC derived from hemp. What’s more, you can easily choose what to order, with the flavors clear on the website. Most important, the company tests its products in third-party labs before releasing them to the public.

Exhale Wellness ships to all 50 states. You can, therefore, purchase their products legally and safely wherever you are. It will be helpful to note that buying products containing 0.3% THC online is permissible. However, some states, such as Texas, Kansas, and Indiana, consider selling marijuana illegal and only allow CBD products under specific conditions.


Now you know that you can legally buy edibles online without needing a prescription or medical license. However, ensure you check your state laws to check which edible is legal.

Hopefully, this piece has shed light on some of your concerns about buying edibles and other cannabis products online. Of course, it is understandable to be skeptical when getting products from online vendors. Buying edibles and other cannabis products have never been safer or more accessible.

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