Why it is worth visiting Chennai?

The largest city in the south of India Chennai is a dynamic city. While the city is the hub of most of India‘s earliest cultures and traditions, it also has a rising economy and a vibrant environment of music and crafts. In Chennai, there are also areas that date back more than 1,500 years to the time of the colonisers. It also has a magnificence that can only be understood by going there yourself. You can any time make plan to explore Chennai leela palace.

Chennai is not like other Indian cities, which can terrify visitors with their regional chaos. Chennai residents take great pride in their city and desire to greet visitors with respect. Individuals will be eager to serve as the hosts, so don’t be shocked. Here is a collection of 13 reasons you ought to include Chennai in your vacation plans.

  • Chennai is home to most of the world‘s ancient temples: Chennai is a wonderful city unlike any other because of the many beautiful heritage temples that make up its landscape. Visitors can experience a rich spiritual trip around the magnificent architectural sites of ancient temples and places that date back to 15 AD. These temples draw tourists from all around the world who are interested in history as well as worshippers and religious lovers. In addition to being mysterious and captivating, these ancient temples have a number of interesting legendary tales to share.The preservation of India’s magnificent and historic religious architectural design has been mainly accomplished in Chennai, from the Kapaleeswarar Temple in Mylapore to the Dhenupureeswarar Temple in Tambaram. These historic wonders, which dot the skyline of the city as more than a dozen temples and temple “towers,” were once regarded as Chennai’s first skyscrapers. Without a trip to Chennai, any vacation plans to explore South India‘s rich religious traditions are insufficient.
  • The second lengthiest shoreline within that globe is located in Chennai at Marina Beach: As the stopping-off place for the majority of the extremely powerful leaders of the British empire in the 1880s, Marina Beach earned a reputation for itself. At the gorgeous Marina Beach, they relaxed all evening while having a relaxing time. Today, it is a popular tourist destination with a lively scene of activities, including sunbathers, beach merchants, and tiny food stands by the shore.The Marina Beach in Chennai is thought to be the second-longest urban shoreline in the globe at 13 kilometres. With an average thickness of 300 metres, Marina beach, which is also the busiest among Chennai’s several beaches, has enough room and dunes for anyone. 
  • Amazing Nightlife of Chennai: Chennai, the 4th largest metropolis in India, is home to millions of citizens from all over the country. So it makes sense to see more individuals partying and celebrating than usual in Chennai. Furthermore, Chennai is home to a large number of vibrant nightclubs. Ever since the 2000s, Chennai has drastically changed from being Tamil Nadu’s administrative centre to the preferred clubbing location for everyone. Additionally, a lot of restaurants are open until midnight in Chennai, allowing locals and visitors to buy and have some nighttime food.
  • Mouthwatering Food: Chennai is the epicentre of South Indian food. Walking through the food streets on a weekend is a fun activity. Chennai, a tropical and coastal city, has a special environment that enables a wide variety of exotic herbs and fruits to grow from the ground to the table. Chennai has much more to serve besides Idlis, despite the misconception held by so many. Indeed! On National Geographic’s list of the “Top 10 Food Cities” around the globe, it came in second place. So, if you’re a foodie, head to any spontaneous Chennai road to try some of the city’s tastiest cuisine.Whether it’s the dosas offered with 3 different “chutneys” or even the 4 meals presented properly on a banana leaf, vegetarian cuisine lovers visiting Chennai won’t be let down. While Chennai’s vegetarian cuisine may be well-known throughout the world, there are also numerous alternatives for people who eat meat in the city. Chennai, a seaside town, is known for its seafood and for being a centre for several non-vegetarian Tamil Nadu dishes, including the KaraikudiChettinad dish.
  • Love for coffee: The locals in this city adore coffee, especially strong coffee! Some of the top cafes in Chennai are located in Alwarpet, Royapetta, Mylapore, and other areas. Since the 1990s, locals have become habituated to the atmosphere of coffee houses. While there are many different types of coffee available on the market, filter coffee is by far the most widely consumed. Without coffee, a Chennai morning is not complete.Chennai’s filter coffee is undoubtedly a favourite among coffee lovers due to its extremely intense coffee brew and creamy milk combination. Although many international coffee shops have indeed established themselves in Chennai, residents and visitors still favour filter coffee shops. Take a moment from all of your city exploring and have a cup of warm coffee at one of the city’s renowned filter coffee cafes. 
  • Vibrant Festival – Pongal: The Pongal Festival, which lasts four days and is the most well-known holiday in South India, is celebrated annually from January 14–17. This well-known festival in Chennai is a harvest celebration honouring the Sun God of Tamil Nadu which is equivalent to Thanksgiving. See the vibrant kolams that line Chennai’s streets or eat the city’s well-known Pongal cuisine. As they give thanks to their gods for a year’s abundant crop, learn about their distinctive customs and ceremonies.
  • The best place for a shopaholic: The fact that Ranganathan Street serves as the city’s main shopping area makes it Chennai’s crowded corner. Along the street are a variety of stores, including those selling textiles and beautiful Indian carpets as well as unique and exotic foods, drinks, and confections. Both inhabitants and visitors are frequently jammed together on the street. You can as well try to visit this renowned street and get to sample their delectable meals or purchase some inexpensive gifts for your dear ones.


You should perhaps visit Chennai at least once in your lifetime to witness its diversity and rich culture. The list above doesn’t describe all the beauty of Chennai. It only includes a small portion of the well-known attractions that this charming city has to offer. If you only have a small amount of time in Chennai, though, start by looking over the suggestions we’ve provided above to get a sense of what this Indian metropolis has to offer. Prepare to submerge yourself in the beautiful Indian culture, and try that on your subsequent trip. 

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