Using LED High Mast Lights to Illuminate Large Areas

Generally, high-mast lighting is used to light recreational fields, highways, and other areas that need light over a large area. The tall pole with the lighting attached to the top is called a high-mast light.

Common wattages for LED high mast lights

Using LED lights as high mast lighting fixtures is a smart choice. Not only are they more efficient than their HID counterparts, they are also cheaper. Compared to traditional high bay bulbs, LEDs use 50% to 70% less energy, which means you can save up to $8000 annually.

Unlike their HID counterparts, LEDs do not degrade light output over time. This reduces maintenance costs. They also provide instant illumination. This is especially important in areas that require strong, bright light such as retail stores and warehouses.

LED lights are also a good choice for airport lighting. They offer a variety of features, including 0-10V dimming, bi-level dimming, and remote monitoring. They are solar compatible, as well.

Another cool thing about LED lights is that they do not contain harmful vapors or gases. They also use less energy, and require no warm up period. They are more environmentally friendly, and have a long lifespan. They can also be used to light up large areas from one location.

Aster Lighting’s high mast lighting design

Several different lighting schemes are available for illuminating large outdoor areas. Some of the most common are high mast lighting and conventional lighting. The two types of systems have different installation costs and maintenance requirements. It’s important to select the best system for your needs.

When selecting the type of lighting you want, pay attention to its functionality, cost and energy efficiency. You will also need to consider the distance between the poles to be lit.

There are many different light fixtures on the market, including LED, halogen, and HID. The cost of these differs depending on the size of the area you’re lighting.

LED high mast lights offer several advantages over other types of lighting, such as their energy efficiency and long service life. They can also illuminate surrounding areas. They are also affordable, with a monthly cost of just $9.6.

When installing a high mast lighting system, you should always check with the Texas Department of Transportation’s (TxDOT) High Mast Lighting Guide. The guide recommends that your luminaire’s mounting height be at least 100 feet. You should also consider the lux level you’re looking for, which will depend on the type of facility you’re illuminating.

Access Fixtures’ high mast lighting specification

Whether you’re looking for a new high mast light or are ready to replace an existing fixture, Access Fixtures can help. With over twenty years of experience, their engineering team can create a design that fits your needs. They’ve engineered their high mast lights to be reliable and perform.

They’re available in several options, including American-grade steel and powder coat finish for added style. They’re also made by professional welding professionals who are American Welding Society D1.1 certified.

LED technology allows for a cost-effective, high-performance, and low-maintenance light source. These types of fixtures offer a range of wattages from 209 to 750 watts. Typically, these fixtures result in a 50% to 80% energy savings.

Whether you’re building a new facility, or simply replacing an old high mast fixture, you’ll want to make sure you choose a product that offers maximum performance. HighFocus LED high mast luminaires push the envelope in reliability, energy efficiency, and sustainability. They’re scalable and come with a 10-year limited warranty.

LiteLume’s high mast lighting projects in Texas and Arkansas

LiteLume has been a leader in the development of high mast lighting projects in Texas and Arkansas. These projects are aimed at reducing illuminance criteria and maintenance costs. The projects are also geared towards bringing more light to cities and towns across the state. Some of the biggest cities in the state have already installed these fixtures, including Austin, Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio.

Compared to traditional lighting, high mast lights are more efficient. One lamp, for instance, produces the same amount of light as twelve conventional light poles. In addition, high mast lighting uses fewer poles than the traditional method, which saves money. The lamps on the high mast lighting fixtures last for three to five years, which means they’re replaced less often. It’s important to note, however, that high mast lighting is also very expensive to install and maintain.

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