Top ten bowlers in the BBL with the best economy rates

In T20 cricket, batting predominates over bowling. The run flow in this style makes it difficult for the bowlers to do their job. In the past, one-day cricket defences were limited to a score of 200. But in T20 cricket nowadays, these scores are not secure. However, in this format, the number of wickets doesn’t accurately reflect a bowler’s performance. The economic rates are among the most important factors as per today update cricket.

So, first, we have to know about the economy rate in cricket.

The average amount of runs a cricket bowler has given up every over they have thrown is known as their economy rate. In most cases, the bowler is doing better the lower the economy rate is. It is one of several metrics used to compare bowlers and is frequently used in conjunction with bowling average and strike rate to assess a bowler’s overall effectiveness.

Economy rate = Runs a bowler gives/Total number of overs he bowls

Low-economy bowlers impede the batting side’s ability to score runs. Due to the strict economic rate of the bowlers, the batsman would occasionally toss away their wicket.

In This article, we are going to discuss the Top ten bowlers in the BBL with the best economy rates.

So, what is BBL?

The Big Bash Competition is a professional T20 cricket competition for Australian clubs that was established by Cricket Australia in 2001. It is also known as the KFC BBL due to commercial causes. The Big Bash League, which includes eight city-based teams in comparison to the six state teams that previously participated, has replaced the KFC Twenty20 Big Bash. KFC is the main sponsor of BBL. It is one of only T20 cricket tournaments, that is similar with the Indian Premier League, that place in the top 10 local cricket leagues in terms of average participation.

BBL matches take held all throughout Australia in December, January, and February.

Six out of the Eight teams is competing in the BBL and out of them 6 teams title champion at least once.  Perth Scorchers has won the league title four times and they won thrice in a row. So they are the most successful team in the short history of the league. Three times, including twice consecutively, the Sydney Sixers won the BBL championship. The other four championship-winning teams are the Adelaide Strikers, Melbourne Renegades, Sydney Thunder, and Brisbane Heat.

Before 2014, the top domestic clubs took participation in this tournament. This BBL league offered many interesting T20 matches but this championship tournament gradually lost its crease and in 20214 it loosed its existence completely.

This is the list of the top 10 bowlers with the best economy rate in Big Bash League (BBL):

Lasith Malinga

Lasith Malinga was one of the best bowlers in the Sri Lanka team.

Malinga will be remembered as the greatest T20 bowler ever. Throughout his career, this right-arm rapid bowler has caused a lot of difficulty for hitters. Malinga was renowned for his unplayable Yorker bowling. In the Big Bash League, Malinga has the best economy rate. In this style, his economy rate of merely 5 is regarded as excellent.

M Muralitharan

Muralitharan was also a former bowler from Sri Lanka. His spin bowling is widely renowned.

The best bowler in the annals of cricket is Muralitharan. He has the most wickets in both Tests and ODIs. Muralitharan has also played in the T20 format and has performed quite well there. His economy rate is barely 5.70 in 16 large bash matches.

Mitchell Johnson

An ex-player for the Australian cricket team is Mitchell Johnson Johnson. With his raw velocity, the right-arm fast bowler was renowned for removing batters’ stumps. Johnson was a bowler who excelled in all formats, and his 6.14 economy rate during BBL matches is quite low.

Mujeeb Ur Rahman

The cricket squad from Afghanistan is renowned for generating elite T20 spinners. Mujeeb is one illustration. This young bowler has quickly gained notoriety. Mujeeb plays for every franchise in cricket, and his 6.27 economy rate is among the best in the BBL.

Samuel Badree

A winner of the T20 world cup is Samuel Badree. He was a key factor in West Indies’ victory in the T20 world championship. He played in several franchise cricket leagues during his cricket career. He maintains a 6.42 economy rate in the big bash league.

Rashid Khan

Rashid Khan is the first name that springs to mind when we hear the phrase “best T20 bowler of this age.” The pitch conditions don’t matter to this elite player since he can bowl a tight spell on any surface. In the BBL, Rashid is a superstar. In this competition, his economy rate is barely 6.52.

GB Hogg

Hogg is a renowned all-around T20 Spin player. In the T20 World Cup, he made history by playing as the oldest player. He doesn’t let his age hinder him and keeps improving at every chance he gets. Hogg has participated in a sizable number of BBL games and bowls with a tight economy rate of 6.63.

MA Beer

Beer is a former cricket bowler for Australia. He had largely participated in the BBL. In 58 huge bash games for two franchises, beef participated. He was a competent bowler who bowled in the BBL with an economy rate of 6.70.

SNJ O’Keefe

Steven is a former Australian cricket team bowler. He is well known for his enchantment against India in the opening test of the 2017 series. After that, he didn’t have many opportunities and generally played in the BBL. In this international cricket competition, he had a 6.72 economy rate.

JP Behrendorff

The tall quick bowler Jason plays for Australia’s cricket squad. He frequently plays white-ball cricket for his country. The Big Bash League is where he performs best, but franchise cricket is where he is most frequently seen. In addition to his ability to take wickets, Jason can bowl with a low economy rate. In the BBL, he only has a 6.88 economy rate.

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