Instructions for Using a Temporary Phone Number

Temporary phone number for receiving SMS is a service that allows you to receive SMS messages to a specially allocated cellular number without using a physical SIM card. Usually such disposable phone numbers are needed to confirm registration or to log in to various web services that send an activation code or OTP password via SMS during the registration process.

Most often temporary numbers are used for registration:

  • Accounts in messengers and social networks (Telegram, WhatsApp, Signal, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok);
  • E-mail accounts (Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, Protonmail and others);
  • Accounts on forums, dating sites or online games.

The Main Advantages of Temporary Phone Numbers

  • Complete anonymity. They do not require the provision of personal data for their use, unlike a physical SIM-card.
  • Possibility to create an unlimited number of accounts. You get a virtually inexhaustible resource of phone numbers online.
  • No need to buy SIM-cards. You save time and money buying a phone number online.
  • Ease of use. The activation process is simple and intuitive, so it will not take more than 5 minutes. 
  • No binding to the device. You can receive SMS to the number from different devices: tablets, laptops, computers or phones.
  • Possibility to choose a region. You can choose a phone number in the necessary region based on your wishes without restrictions.
  • Saving money. Low cost compared to the price of a regular SIM-card makes it possible to use such phone numbers in large quantities.

As you can see, temporary phone numbers for SMS have a lot of undeniable advantages. They allow you to access various services without using your personal number. They give you anonymity and the ability to create multiple accounts for a variety of tasks.

How to use a Temporary Phone Number?

Let’s understand how temporary phone numbers work by the example of one of the providers, namely SMS-Man.

SMS-Man is a platform offering temporary phone numbers that allows you to receive SMS over the Internet without physical SIM cards. Let’s take a closer look at how to use it:

  1. To start using the service, you need to register. To do this, go to and click “Sign Up”. Enter your e-mail and make up a password.
  2. To start receiving SMS, you need to top up your balance in your personal cabinet. This can be done using: bank card, cryptocurrency or e-wallet services.
  3. To order a temporary phone number go back to the main page of the site to select the country of mobile operator and web service.
  4. Click the “Buy SMS” button opposite the selected option and scroll down to the “History” section of the page
  5. Copy your temporary phone number with one click, then use it when prompted by the system.
  6. Wait for the SMS to be sent and go back to SMS-Man to view the code.

So, by following just 6 simple steps you were able to get an online phone number that can work online without a physical SIM card.

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