Data Center Server

Data Center Server

A Data Center Server performs services with a centralized computing infrastructure, typically servers, storage, and networking equipment for a company or business. It always has high performance, and its components like CPU, memory, and hard drives are designed in such a way to run continuously without any disturbances. Supermicro, a company specializing in Data Center servers, has introduced its new product, SuperBlade. It is an ultra-modern, high-end server that is revolutionary for small and big businesses.

1. Low Power Consumption and Compact Size

The primary power source in the Data Center Server is the motherboards which use Intel’s E5-2600V3 and E5-2600V4 processors. The whole package of processor, memory, chassis, cables, and other components could be more precise, which is one of the significant disadvantages. It consumes a lot of room and creates a problem for those who want to reduce their power bill using this server type. SuperBlade uses the micro-ATX form factor to fit into various racks or cabinets. It also has a short height which can be easily installed in the standard 19″ frame or small space. It is 6 inches high and has a slimline case with an AMD EPYC processor at 5 GHz. 

2. Redundant and Reliable

The data center server is the backbone of a company, and it has to be highly resilient, reliable, and safe. SuperBlade has a redundant (duplicate) configuration with a dual power supply which provides 100% continuous power as a backup in case one of the collection fails. The chassis uses a hot-swap design, eliminating system interruptions when components go down. Its two power supplies and seven hot-swap drive modules provide plenty of cooling features to ensure reliable operation. 

3. Versatile Server

SuperBlade is versatile because it is used for data storage or as your company’s web and app server. It will surely give your company the best performance using Single Root I/O Virtualization (SR-IOV) technology. This technology empowers the server to provide high bandwidth supporting VDI, KVM, and other advanced applications. The data center server is helpful for businesses and can also be used for entertainment and home automation. 

4. Turbine Cooling System

New data center servers are mainly designed with smaller dimensions because they have less airflow, making them remain cool longer. SuperBlade uses a passive heatsink design which provides airflow to the CPU and heatsinks in the chassis rather than relying on an external cooling system. It also uses a hot-swap drive module design which means that it can immediately be installed while the server is still functioning to remove any possible bottleneck when moving a drive to install a new one. 

5. High-end Technology

 The data center server is an ultra-modern server that supports the latest technologies and standards. Its main components, such as the motherboard and chassis, have a high level of quality which is not available on general servers. It uses the Ultra-Sonic Redundancy 92X chip, which ensures 100% data integrity and data security to the server by verifying data stored on the drive using checking advancements such as error correction code (ECC), cyclic redundancy check (CRC) and global transient error correction (G-TEC). The system uses high-end memory that has a CL-X15 rating of 8GB. 

6. Silent Operation

It is designed to be utterly silent as it uses Intel’s technology, which improves airflow and provides passive cooling with its chassis, limiting the amount of heat produced. It also reduces operating temperature by employing two fans to exhaust hot air through the rear vents. The processor and memory cores are cooled using an active heatsink design with two fans and heat pipes in the CPU area. 

SuperBlade is a high-end server that uses the latest technologies and standards to enhance performance. It has many different features that make it unique in the market. This data center server is built with low power consumption and compact size, so it can easily be installed in any business or home. It also has a redundant configuration, providing customers with 100% continuous operation and ease of use.

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