Fortnite Mobile: The Complete Zero Build Mode Guide and Tips

Fortnite mobile version matches the excitement of its standard version in all terms. The levels are the same, the players are the same, and the same set of skills is required to score a victory. In addition, the game modes are similar in the mobile version, such as the Zero Build mode.

The developers of Fortnite have launched a permanent mode of no building at all. As the name suggests, the players would not be allowed to gather resources to construct any defensive structures. 

Now, it may be difficult for players to adjust to this new change as they have been used to witnessing the construction of two-story buildings in a jiffy. This is where tips for getting through the Zero Build Mode come into the picture.

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Tips to Become a Pro at Fortnite Mobile: Complete Zero Build Mode.

Let us walk through some of the relevant tips that can help you get an edge in the Zero Build Mode of Fortnite.

Make Use of Cow Catchers.

Although there are no buildings now to take shields, you can go by using cow catchers to form a wall around you. Cowcatcher is a grill placed on your car’s front part. It functions by clearing the road ahead for your vehicle’s movement.

The cowcatcher acts as a wall that you can use to save yourself from different kinds of attacks. Thus, if you are seeking some quick and effective cover during any attack or gunfight, you can use a cowcatcher.

Practice the Perfect Way to Move

Movement around the map is essential to the Zero Build Mode in Fortnite. It would help if you moved around quickly and yet safely in the mode. The reason is that since there are no buildings to offer you cover during an attack, you need to move around meticulously around the map while moving from one point to another. 

You can use tools such as Shockwave Grenades or a Rift-to-Go to make your movement smart. Also, you can use vehicles for fast movement on the map. However, vehicles make ample loud noise and eventually make you a soft target.

Movement Should be Constant

If you want to avoid getting shot in the Zero Build Mode, always move constantly, especially when you are involved in gunfights or moving in open areas. Keep making sideways movements or sprinting here and there or jumping to avoid getting hit. 

Even during the healing process, you can spam the said couch button to avoid getting hit in the head. 

Choose Your Weapons Wisely

You can choose among different weapons and five inventory slots when in the mode. Now, this may need to be clarified for some players as to which weapons to choose and which to be left behind.

The selection of a weapon mainly depends upon your situation and your personal preference as well. However, knowledge of what weapon to grab and what not marks the difference between a pro player and a beginner.

Stay Closer To Cover

In the absence of any building, it becomes difficult to save yourself during an attack or an ambush. Thus, it is advisable to your cover to avoid any unexpected ambush or gunfight. This cover may include trees, walls, rocks, or bushes. 

Experts advise you to avoid panic and run in any open space without any strategy, as it can make you a soft target. This unnecessary running here and there cause maximum casualties in the game. Just run towards the first wall or cover and get a shield for yourself.

Final Word

The Zero Build Mode is a new permanent game mode in the Fortnite game and requires players to play without constructing any building. This Zero Build mode brings along different possibilities and additions to the game. However, this can be a massive change for players who have been playing with buildings for a long time. This is where the tips mentioned above, designed by experts, come into the picture. So, make use of these tips and become a pro in the Zer Build mode of Fortnite. Happy gaming!

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