Reasons for the Popularity of 100 VG E-Liquid in Canada

100 VG e-liquid Canada has been quite popular in the vaping community recently. Seasoned vapers opt for pure vegetable glycerin (VG) over other liquids nationwide. Even though they are still mostly VG-based, Max VG e-liquids still contain a small amount of PG to enhance their flavour distribution. The popularity of Max VG is driven by several reasons, including its health-conscious appeal and suitability for vegetarians. Let’s analyze why Canadian vapers are increasingly choosing 100 VG e-liquid. 

Here are reasons why 100 VG e-liquid Canada has gained popularity:

Suitable for Vegetarians

100 VG e-liquid Canada is entirely plant-based, compared to other e-liquids that may contain substances or by-products derived from animals. This makes it suitable for people who follow a vegetarian diet and desire products that align with their moral principles. 100 VG e-liquid provides a guilt-free vaping experience, regardless of your dietary limitations or desire for plant-based substitutes.

Less Throat Hit

Compared to e-liquids with other formulas, 100 VG e-liquids usually cause less throat hit while vaping, resulting in another notable benefit. When using e-liquids containing propylene glycol (PG), some vapers experience allergic reactions or irritation in their throats. However, a lot of people find that vaping with 100 VG e-liquid Canada is a smoother and more enjoyable experience because it eliminates PG. With no need to worry about any undesirable side effects, you can puff away and enjoy the flavour of your favourite 100 VG e-juice Canada to the fullest. You can check out ePuffer for unique, innovative and delicious e-liquid flavours.

Satisfying Vaping Experience

100 VG e-liquid Canada fulfills the demands of individuals who value both smooth vapour and cloud production. Because VG is renowned for creating thick vapour clouds, cloud chasers, and trick-loving vapers often choose this option. Furthermore, the flavour profile stays unfiltered and pure due to the absence of PG, making vaping better all around. Every time you indulge, 100 VG e-liquid delivers an effective and pleasurable vaping experience, regardless of your experience level.

Multi-Use Compatibility

While not all e-liquids are compatible with all vaping devices, 100 VG e-liquid is compatible with most vaping devices. You can use it with sub-ohm tanks, rebuildable atomizers and many other devices. In addition, due to this e-liquid’s consistency in thickness and dense vapour production, it is a favourite for vapers who value a consistent experience.

Taste Retention

Vegetable glycerin tends to preserve the e-liquid’s original flavour more than propylene glycol. As a result, you stand to enjoy more consistent and enjoyable taste experiences with 100% VG e-liquid giving you the pleasure you are looking for. 


Several important characteristics, such as 100 VG e-liquid’s suitability for vegetarians, its lack of discomfort when vaping, its gratifying vaping experience, its health-conscious qualities, and its high demand among customers, can contribute to its popularity in Canada. 

Also, its plant-based elements, and smooth vapour production, make 100 VG e-liquid a popular choice for vapers worldwide. In Canada, 100 VG e-liquid has solidified its position as an established contender in the country’s vaping market, meeting the different needs and preferences of vapers across the country, even as the vaping scene continues to change.

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