Designing a Blue Diamond Gemstone For Your Engagement Ring

Diamonds, the true definition of beauty and elegance have captivated the hearts of several women with their glow. It has been mostly famous for ages among rich people and is commonly also a sign of promoting love and affection. 

There are several heart-clenching types of these diamonds and one of their kind which we are going to discuss in this article is the blue diamond gemstone. 

Blue diamond gemstone undoubtedly are very famous for their eye-captivating color.  

The cutting of these diamonds is no joke either as they’re cut so professionally that it would reflect light from every angle. So let people witness the beautiful shine dancing on your fingers.

Diamond stones are significant and have always remained #1 in women. You can also buy these as an engagement ring or as to gift to a loved one.  In a world where white diamonds are very common, you should go a little uniquely and choose these blue diamond gemstones which are very rare.

What are Lab Grown Diamonds?

Lab-grown diamonds are also known as man-made diamonds which are grown in labs rather than being geologically produced within the earth’s surface. However, these lab-grown diamonds have the same physical, chemical and optical properties as that of a naturally grown diamond. 

The processes of making these lab grown diamonds requires two main steps which are High-pressure high temperature (HPHT) and chemical vapour deposition (CVD). The HPHT process copies the high-pressure high-temperature conditions within the earth’s surface where diamonds are originally formed. Carbon-sourced materials, usually graphite, are processed through extreme pressure and high temperatures to crystallize them into diamonds. 

In the CVD process carbon-containing gas and carbon atoms are deposited onto a substrate which forms a crystal layer of the diamond. This method allows more control over the growth of the diamond’s and is usually used to create high quality diamonds. 

These lab grown diamonds are often found more environmental friendly than those of the mined diamonds and these lab grown diamonds mostly have a low environmental impact.

Should You Buy Lab Grown Diamond Ring for Your Beloved

This is totally upto your choice and considerations but according to many perspectives yes lab grown diamond rings can be a perfect gift for your loved one due to several factors. First that its very eco-friendly more than the mined ones and barely have any impact on environment. 

These lab grown diamonds are also more affordable in price. If your budget is low and you still want a beautiful and high quality diamond then a lab grown diamond will be the perfect suit for you. 

If you and your partner prioritize a flawless appearance of a diamond then these lab grown diamonds will be an attractive choice for you. These man made diamonds are built personally and rarely there is any flaw in them because they undergo a complete process. 

Whereas, the mined diamonds are more likely to have a few flaws in them and their prices are also high where these lab grown diamonds will be offered to you in a reasonable price range.

These lab grown diamonds are also recommended because they allow you to personally customize it according to your and your partner’s preferences. If you have a particular desire for any shape, color, or a design then you can get them made on order through lab grown diamonds process.

Moreover, the technology of these lab grown diamonds continues to increase, resulting in stones of high efficiency and better quality. If you like cutting-edge technology these lab grown diamonds will surely appeal to your preferences. 

How can You Design the Perfect Blue Diamond Gemstone Ring?

Designing a perfect blue diamond gemstone ring requires a deeper look into the cut of the diamond, its setting, the choice of the metal, and various other aesthetics. To be able to choose the perfect blue diamond gemstone you first need to pick a blue diamond with a hue that meets your preferences perfectly. 

Consider factors such as the color saturation, secondary hues, and the overall brilliance of the diamond. The cuts of the diamonds are also important as it show how the diamond will reflect the light.

The cut in a diamond is very important therefore choose a cut that will increase the beauty of the diamond you chose. Popular cuts for colored gems are cushion cuts, round, and princess. 

Lastly, the metal choice also matters as it contributes to the overall aesthetic of the ring. You can go with gold or rose gold metals which would add a warm touch to the ring. If not then you can also try white gold or platinum. However, make sure you choose the stone according to the wearer’s style and preferences.

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