MoYu Super RS3 Review

The MoYu Super RS3 is a well-designed and high-quality motorcycle that comes with a variety of features that are sure to impress. Its MagLev technology and dual adjustment system will ensure that you get the most out of your ride. And, the bike’s build quality is top-notch, as well.


MoYu’s 3×3 cube is the best thing to come out of their labs in the last few years. The Super RS3 is not only a big improvement on the RS3 of old, but it also has an upgraded gizmo that makes it even more exciting to play with. Considering it has a budget of less than one hundred dollars, it will appeal to the average speedcuber on a budget. With a plethora of spins and twists to choose from, it’s sure to be a winner amongst the rest of the competition.

The best part is the company has put a bit of thought into the design so you can count on it for a top notch product that will leave you happy for months on end. Its got the latest in technology, a fancy looking reworked mechanism, and even 48 magnets on the inside to boot. So while it might be hard to find a cheap set of these talismans, if you’re a speedcuber on a budget, you’re in luck.

Build quality

One of the most notable developments in the cube world is the emergence of the MoYu RS3M, a 56mm standard size cube with a factory installed magnetic core. This is an affordable, top of the line 3×3 speed cube that’s sure to please those looking for an upgrade or the perfect first 3×3. It also comes with a cool cube stand and a handy dandy cube guide to boot.

The RS3M’s magnetic core is a far better alternative to the standard ITO ball core used in other cubes of this size. The new design boasts nine different tension settings, making it easy to tweak for optimal performance. As for the actual construction, the RS3M is a lightweight, high quality, low cost cube that looks, feels, and plays like a premium model. With a price tag of a mere $9.99, it’s a great option for aspiring puzzle enthusiasts who don’t have a ton of spare cash lying around.

Dual-adjustment system

If you’re a fan of speed cubing, you may have heard of MoYu Super RS3. It’s one of the most popular 3×3 speed cubes on the market. This is due to its unique magnetic levitation technology, which produces exceptional solving speeds.

It’s also notable because of its innovative dual-adjustment system. This is the first time a cube at this price point has had this feature. The system allows you to adjust the elasticity of the cube without affecting the wheelbase. This makes the MoYu Super RS3 perfect for both novice and professional speedcubers.

There are nine tension settings. The new anti-sticky surface reduces popping. In addition, the magnetic edges minimize friction. As a result, the MoYu Super RS3 is easy to control and turn quickly.

The MoYu Super RS3M is the latest edition of the RS3 series. It has been updated to include MagLev technology, which is a revolutionary new magnet levitation tensioning system. This allows the cube to perform better than the original version, while still being inexpensive.

MagLev technology

The MoYu Super RS3 M is the latest upgrade of the popular RS3M 2020 speed cube. It uses MagLev technology for its suspension system. This system replaces the springs with magnets to reduce friction and noise. The result is a fast, silent and light cube. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly speed cube, you might want to consider this one.

The MoYu Super RS3 M has a magnetic edge that makes cutting corners easy. And it also features an anti-stick dragon scale surface that makes it much more stable. As well, the RS3M has nine different tension settings, so you can adjust the amount of resistance it needs to make turns smoother. You’ll also find that the RS3M has a fast turning time, which is perfect for anyone who wants a cube with great performance without having to spend too much.

MagLev Technology: The technology behind the RS3M uses two ring magnets and a repelling effect to create a suspension system. The effect of the repelling magnets is to make the cube’s center magnets slide as you turn the cube.

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