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International students have a variety of options when it comes to studying in Australia. The quality of education, variety of courses to choose from and opportunities for post-study work make it one of the most desirable destinations among international students. Australian universities are strong in research, excelling in areas such as the arts and humanities, education and science.

Australia has some of the best ranked universities in the world. Australian universities offer a wide range of courses across various disciplines. Tuition fees are cheaper here as compared to UK and US. Students at Australian universities are eligible for a post-study work permit valid for up to four years. It can act as a pathway to permanent residency in Australia.

The universities here are known for their high standards and teaching methods. His degree is recognized worldwide. Another advantage of studying in Australia is the low cost of living compared to other countries. Students can work part-time (up to 48 hours fortnight) while studying which can help them meet part of the tuition fee. They also have access to scholarships which can reduce their cost of a course.

Many students opt to study in Australia as its growing economy promises good job opportunities for the students once they complete their course.

Apply for Australia Student Visa

It is easy to get a student visa for Australia as compared to other countries. Students wishing to study in Australia must meet certain requirements to qualify for a visa. Once you are enrolled in a full-time course of study, you can apply for a visa under subclass 500.

With a student visa (subclass 500) visa, the visa holder may:

  • enroll in a course attend an eligible course of study;
  • bring family members to australia;
  • out-of-country travel;
  • work for 48 hours every two weeks during the course.

The duration of the visa is for five years, you can apply for extension.

Make sure you meet all the eligibility requirements before submitting your visa application. The processing time for your visa is usually four weeks. You can apply for a visa 124 days before the start of your course and you can travel to the country 90 days before the start of your course.

If you have dependents, they can apply for the same subclass 500 visa. You must declare your dependents in your visa application, even if they do not come with you immediately. Otherwise, they may not be eligible for dependent visas later.

Application steps for a subclass 500 visa

Step 1: Before submitting your application, you must collect all the required documents.

Step 2: The documents to be submitted are proof of your identity, character, which prove that you have met the visa conditions.

Step 3: Apply for Visa online.

Step 4: After receiving your visa application, you will receive information from the authorities.

Step 5: You will be informed about the status of your visa application.

Decide How You Want to Apply

The Australian Government offers several options when you want to apply to a university. Can be applied:

  • directly through the University website;
  • through an agent.

You can decide how you want to apply by using the most suitable option.

Clear your English language test

If English is not your native language, you will be required to take the English Language Proficiency Test. You will need to take the IELTS test and have the test results ready when you are making your visa application.

Apply to Universities to get your COE

Once you are selected for a course, you will receive an offer letter from the college. You must give a written confirmation accepting the offer and paying the tuition fees

Cost of studying in australia

In Australian universities, arts, education and humanities courses are cheap while subjects like engineering and medicine are expensive. Postgraduate level studies have higher tuition fees.

There are various deadlines for applications to Australian universities. However, two general time-frames apply broadly:

Intake 1: Semester 1 – This intake starts in February and is the major intake for students.

Intake 2: Semester 2 – This intake starts in July.

Work Authorization for Students:

Student Applicants:

  • Students must be above 18 years of age.
  • International students living in Australia on a valid student visa can work up to 48 hours fortnight.
  • One exception is working as an academic assistant. There is no limit on the number of days Academic Assistants can work.
  • They are not allowed to be self-employed or work as freelancers.

After graduation, students can apply for a temporary graduate visa (subclass 485). Visa will be granted on the basis of coursework and the category under which the student has applied to study in Australia.

Australia Student Visa Requirements:

  • The Australia Student Visa is referred to as Subclass 500.
  • You will be eligible for a student visa only if you intend to study a registered course or part thereof on a full-time basis.
  • The maximum validity of a student visa is five years.
  • The course you wish to pursue must be registered with the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS).
  • Issued an electronic Confirmation of Enrollment (eCoE) Certificate – this is to confirm your enrollment at an Australian university.
  • Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) Statement – This is proof of your intention to come to Australia to study and not settle.
  • Four recent passport size photographs
  • Attested or notarized copies of academic results transcripts/documents
  • Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) – approved by the Australian Government, this health insurance provides basic medical and hospital cover. You can buy this insurance through your university.
  • Results of English language tests such as IELTS, TOEFL, PTE if you are a non-native English speaker
  • Evidence of monetary means to cover all expenses during the period of study
  • Proof of civil status, if applicable
  • The Australian University will notify you of additional requirements prior to your application if any
  • Financial requirements – To obtain your student visa you will need to prove that you have the funds to cover your course fees, travel and living costs.
  • Character Requirement – You will need to submit a certificate to prove that you do not have a criminal record.
  • Proof of Visa Fee Payment – Proof that you have paid the required visa fee.

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