Why It Is Important To Understand Low MOQ When Deciding On Your Coffee Packaging

Minimum order requirements for custom packaging can be relevant for new coffee brands and established brands releasing new product lines. A packaging service that offers custom Mylar bags and other flexible materials with digitally printed designs can have relatively low order minimums. As a stakeholder in a coffee brand, you should understand how unique specifications for coffee packaging, such as center seal pouches or degassing valves, can impact MOQ requirements. Learn how to get the best deal on short or variable runs of coffee packaging.

Nourishing A Better Cash Flow

When you plan ahead for the exact quantity of packages you need in an order, you can avoid overordering and winding up with backstock that may or may not be useful for packaging products. Short runs of packaging are often used to test consumer appeal or bring limited edition products to market. Either way, only ordering the quantity of custom flexible packaging you need can keep order costs low and limit waste.

Conventional packaging designers that print from plates typically have higher tooling costs, which are passed on to customers in the form of higher MOQ requirements and higher prices per package for small orders. Partnering with a packaging service that uses digital printing and has low MOQs can make short and variable runs more affordable for new coffee brands and established coffee companies that are experimenting with expanding product lines.

Improving Your Profit Margins

Getting the best deal on low MOQ custom packaging can limit operational expenses and enable brands to earn more profit. The tooling costs for flexible packaging with digitally printed designs are lower than with conventional package production and printing. It is also worthwhile to consider whether features that drive up the cost per package, such as degassing valves, are necessary for all coffee products.

In addition to order quantity and package features, your choice of barrier films also factors into packaging costs. Packages that are designed to preserve the freshness and quality of coffee products can justify a higher cost per package and sale price. Brands should strive to strike the best balance between having a sufficient number of packages to meet demand and placing a larger packaging order to lock in a lower price per package.

Dialing In the Right Packaging

It is important to understand MOQ when you are deciding on the package design for a coffee product. If you want to assess the sales performance of products in different styles of packaging, it makes sense not to order too many packages with a particular design. Brands that are still in the process of settling on a supplier or making other production decisions should also order smaller quantities of packaging since important product information is subject to change.

Once you understand MOQ requirements, you can make more informed decisions about packaging for coffee products. A packaging service can also recommend the best options for presenting whole beans, ground coffee or instant coffee. Understanding MOQ requirements for gusset bags, stand-up pouches and stick packs can help you lower overhead costs and increase profit.

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