The Use Of Branded Slot Games In Marketing Campaigns

Branded slots are licenced video games based on popular culture properties, including movies, TV shows, music artists, board games, comic book characters and cartoons. The themes are familiar and powerful, unlike those of ancient Egypt or Norse mythology – discover more.

As people spend more time in front of screens and online, commercials and brands become embedded in our everyday lives. Slot suppliers supply branded casino slots since they have a wealth of content to draw, resulting in visually stunning slots with which we are all instantly familiar.

First Branded Slot

Microgaming created the first branded slot machine. The release of Lara Croft: Tomb Raider occurred in October 2004. Lara Croft: Temples and Tombs are only one of several Lara Croft-themed games developed after the original’s success.

Frankenstein was released in June 2011 and was NetEnt’s first branded game. Gordon Ramsay-themed slots, slot machines based on the TV programmes Vikings and Narcos, and slot machines using the music of famous bands like Guns N’ Roses have all been released since then.

Big Time Gaming’s Who Wants to be a Millionaire Megaways slot machine was introduced towards the end of 2018 amid a flurry of branded casino slot machines.

Playtech is also well-known for its branded slots, such as the Marvel slots that debuted many years ago. Unfortunately, the Marvel-themed slot games no longer exist after Disney purchased Marvel. Suicide Squad and The Dark Knight Rises are just two of the DC Comics movies that may be seen there.

So why do people love Branded Slots so much?

Players devoted to a certain brand are likelier to play branded slot machines. This is because they have well-known plots and characters, instantly recognisable images, and a soundtrack full of songs everyone knows.

Slot producers and online casinos may benefit greatly from the marketing power of branded slot games due to their widespread recognition. Compared to slots with generic themes, a branded casino slot will stand out and endear players to the brand.

Take the wildly successful HBO series Game of Thrones as an example. You’d rather play the Game of Thrones slot than another game with the same mechanics but a different subject if you’re a series fan and searching for a slot game to play. Therefore, Microgaming has launched a legitimate Game of Thrones slot machine.

The Content Marketing Benefits of Branded Slot Games.

A brand’s content marketing activities might benefit greatly from branded slot games, often known as marketing games. Most branded slot games today are developed on HTML5. They are browser-based so you can use them on anything from desktops to mobile phones. 

Branded slot games are a fun way for businesses to interact with their target audience. Branded games are quickly becoming the promotion strategy for many companies, even as other kinds of advertising might get stale after a while. This is because they combine elements of learning and fun. 

Customers are more likely to engage with your brand’s marketing message if they enjoy the game’s dynamics. Because of this, people are more likely to remember and talk about your brand. Using branded games, you can get your message out to more people. People may want to avoid interacting with a serious commercial urging them to buy a product, but they will likely participate in fun games and quizzes without realising it. 

A branded video game has several elements that encourage players to spread the word about it when you visit here. This is why video games typically become viral. As a result, the brand may reduce its cost per new customer. It has been proven that gamifying a brand may increase user involvement and motivate them to take action. Using branded games to boost existing customer loyalty is another option.  

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