The Easiest Ways to Start VapingPhoto by Ruben Bagues on Unsplash

When you’ve been a long-term smoker with no inclination to switch to something less harmful, learning about vaping can be overwhelming. You may know that it’s likely going to be better for your health than smoking, but the fear of the unknown and the countless options can sometimes be a deterrent. However, being overwhelmed by vaping now doesn’t mean you’ll stay that way forever. Here are some helpful tips for starting vaping the easy way: 

Buy Disposables

If you want to use something as cigarette-like as possible, disposables can be a great option. They come in a vast range of flavors and strengths and are just as convenient as cigarettes. You can puff on them, pop them in your pocket, and not worry about maintenance or charging. Once you’ve finished the e-liquid and the battery has gone flat, you can dispose of it with your local vape stockist, a recycling center, or a hazardous waste collection site.

Ask the Experts for Help

You can read countless articles on the internet, but there’s sometimes nothing quite like expert help from a real person. If you’ve been thinking about quitting smoking like tens of millions of other Americans, visit a vape store and talk to the employees about your needs. Explain that you want to quit smoking and transition to a convenient and easy-to-use vape product. They can be a great source of wisdom on your journey to becoming smoke-free.  

Explore Different Devices

Disposables are undoubtedly one of the most convenient and recommended vape products for beginners. Smokers, in particular, find them as convenient as cigarettes – and cleaner! However, once you start vaping and realize you prefer it to smoking, you may see the value in exploring different devices. You may be surprised by what’s available. You can look at pod systems, vape pens, and mods. They come in all different shapes and sizes to suit your unique needs. 

Try Different E-Liquids

Choosing e-liquid, also known as vape juice, can sometimes be as challenging as selecting a vape device. There are hundreds of flavors to choose from, and it’s only natural to experience a little stress trying to pick one. Don’t feel obligated to buy the first one that catches your eye. Most in-person vape stores let you try different options to see which one you like. You may also be able to buy small sample bottles until you find ‘the one.’

Be Patient

Giving up smoking and transitioning to vaping can sometimes be overwhelming. Many people smoke to unwind, and they’re now having to find new methods. Be patient with yourself. Give yourself time to adjust to vaping, even if it means that you don’t immediately quit smoking. If you don’t like the vape product or e-liquid you buy, explore other options rather than giving up altogether. It can sometimes take time to find the right products that can help you say goodbye to cigarettes for good. 

Starting vaping doesn’t have to be complicated or stressful. It can be straightforward, even when transitioning from smoking. If you’re ready to give up cigarettes, take note of these tips for a convenient way to start the process. 

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