How to Hire a Waste Collector in Sydney

Wherever you are in the world, it’s hard to deny that we all generate a lot of trash.  When you don’t have weekly trash services, it can really remind us of this fact.  Taking them to your local dumpsters certainly becomes a pretty big chore, especially if you’ve got a big family.

Of course, that’s why most folks opt for weekly trash concierge or collection services.  Most of the time, this is enough to get us by.  There are different rules and regulations in place for each city, which can be somewhat tricky to remember and keep track of.  Then again, if you’ve lived in Sydney your whole life, you’re probably already familiar with them (at least to an extent).

Maintaining a pristine environment is essential for the success of any business, which is why it’s crucial to regularly clean your business premises. By implementing a thorough cleaning regimen, you can create a welcoming and hygienic space that leaves a positive impression on customers and employees alike, fostering productivity and satisfaction within your organization.

With that in mind, it’s important to remember that there are cases where the typical services just aren’t going to cut it.  Whether it’s because logistically they can’t remove the trash that you need taken out, or if it’s because you need it removed sooner than they’d arrive, there are other options available. 

You can get a refresher on some of the regulations here:, if you’re not familiar with them.  For now, let’s focus on what you should do if you find the normal rubbish pickup services insufficient for some of the trash in your life. 

What is a Waste Collection Service?

No matter what city or what part of the world you live in, waste collection services are a huge part of what makes municipal spaces function properly.  We all want our areas to stay beautiful and clean, after all, so it’s probably not a huge surprise that these companies have developed to serve our communities.

Still, there are a few roles that they can play.  Some of them work with the local governments and municipalities to be part of the city or county-ordained services that folks pay for on a weekly, bi-weekly, or even monthly basis.  This isn’t the only thing that these services do, though, and there are plenty that serve an entirely different purpose.

The other major role of waste collection services is to help with junk removal that’s scheduled on an individual basis.  Now, our first instinct is often to think of hoarders, and that is one circumstance where they can be hired.  However, just because that’s a process that reality television has sensationalized doesn’t mean that it’s the only reason to hire one of these companies.

In fact, they’re quite helpful for things like removing excess pieces of furniture or old appliances.  There are limits on what you can place out on the lawn to get picked up weekly, and while some parts of Sydney may have scheduled days where the normal service can take these bigger items, there are still sanctions.  With a waste collector, you don’t really have to worry about that.

How Does it Work?

Naturally, the specifics of the process will vary depending on which group you choose to hire.  Still, there’s a general flow that most companies tend to use, so we’ll be covering that today.  The first step is picking a company and then contacting them.

Thankfully, this is simple.  There are plenty of junk removal services around here in Sydney and the surrounding area.  Try to find one that has a lot of positive reviews from other customers, so you can get an idea of what to expect going in.  Once you’ve picked one, it’s as simple as contacting them in whatever way you’d prefer.

Whether that’s email, a phone call, or using a form on their website, from there you just need to wait for them to get back to you.  Scheduling should also be relatively simple.  To prepare for that, think about everything that you want removed, and decide if you want to be home when they come to retrieve it or not.

That’s right – you don’t even have to be home to get your junk picked up.  Some folks prefer it to work out this way so that they don’t need to be there so that they can stay at work or go pick up the kids from school without worrying about the trash collection.  Others would rather be there to help direct the operation, so that will really be up to you.

As you work with them to schedule a pickup time, they’ll also give you a quote on how much it’ll cost you.  Again, this will depend on which company you’re hiring.  There are some that will remove trash for as low as sixty-nine AUD, but as you get into bigger furniture pieces or electronics, that might get more expensive.

Depending on when you are scheduled for, the workers will arrive whenever you’ve planned, and they’ll be ready to get the removal underway.  If you’ve opted to have them over when you’re around, then you can direct them in terms of what you want taken out.  What if you’ve hired them to come when you’re not there, though?

The process isn’t much more complicated, thankfully.  Come up with some sort of system to mark bags, furniture pieces, or electronics that are scheduled to be removed.  While it may seem easier to just put them on the lawn, if you’re hiring them to help get the junk out of the house as well, then this isn’t exactly an option.

Once you’ve figured out the system you want to use, you can relay that to the company so that once the workers arrive, they’ll know how to differentiate things that stay and things that go.  The process should only last a few hours, saving you a lot of time and quite a headache.

What Can Waste Collectors Remove?

The next thing you may be wondering about is this: what sorts of junk can these services remove for us?  You’ll probably want to consult with the one you’re working with either way, but we’ll give you a general idea of what you can expect.  Trash bags are a given, even if you have a huge quantity of them to be taken out.

Let’s face it, after all – sometimes spring-cleaning sessions can get intense.  As we’re approaching summer, there’s no better time to think about what you want to get out of the house before the hottest months of the year hit.  Thankfully, no matter how many bags you’ve got, these services have you covered.

What else might they remove, though?  Furniture is an option, and there are some companies that handle the removal of old furniture in sustainable ways (i.e., recycling the pieces that can be salvaged rather than just dumping them in the trash).  The bigger the item, the heftier the cost might be, so bear that in mind.

Electronics are another huge option, especially since there are a ton of regulations as far as what electronics we can safely toss in the normal trash pickup schedule.  Batteries and the like are potentially harmful to the environment when left to rot away in landfills, so alternatives are great. 

While not everyone cares that much about recycling and sorting, it’s good to remember that these junk services can also help you with your recycling troubles.  If you are looking to get rid of a large amount of plastic or paper waste (or other recyclables), just ask about what options are available when you call the service.

Are These Services Really Worth the Money?

We all work hard for our money.  When we’re going to spend it on something like a waste collection company, it’s not exactly a stretch to say that we want to make sure it’s a worthwhile expenditure.  How can we be sure, then?

Consider how much junk you’re looking to get rid of.  Is it something that you could manage on your own, whether that’s driving to the local dumpsters or landfill yourself or lugging it out to the lawn for pickup services?  If not, then you’ll probably find a waste collector worth it.

Of course, that’s far from the only circumstance we can use as evidence.  When we’ve got a ton of big furniture pieces that we’re looking to get rid of, then we probably don’t want to have to deal with that alone.  After all, just getting a truck that’s big enough can be a real pain.

Electronics fall into a similar category.  Taking them to specialized disposal areas is a time-consuming endeavor more often than not, and considering how busy most of us are these days, we probably don’t have much time to deal with that sort of thing.  You can probably start to see why so many people find these services worth the splurge. 

Some of us here in the Syndey area have already handled our spring cleaning, but with the kids back to school, it’s the perfect time to get the house sorted for the upcoming summer.  Take advantage of the weather and the cheaper prices for removal now, rather than waiting until next year to do it – you won’t regret it.

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