The Intersection of Fashion and Casinos: Dress Codes and Style

Some may say that casino dress codes contribute to the elegant and high-end atmosphere, especially if you are part of a programme like the Master of Casinos VIP. On the other hand, some people believe that casinos have had a significant impact on some of the most prominent fashion houses. Regardless of your point of view, both statements are correct. 

While the dazzling gambling machines, the glamour, and the high stakes act as a rich source of inspiration and influence designer creations, elegant dress codes help casinos highlight the lucrative and luxurious experience they offer. 

Therefore, we decided to peek into the world of casino dress codes and learn more about the connection between these two worlds. Let’s get ready!

Casino Dress Codes

If we take a better look at the casino dress codes over the years, we’ll understand better how social norms have changed. That said, casinos started out as social centres where people could entertain and also make new acquaintances. But that’s not all!

Some of the casinos offered a posh atmosphere with luxurious details and everything. Due to this, players needed to wear suits, dresses, and heels. However, this was the case with only the most prestigious gambling communities. In fact, the dress code was a way to point out your level of membership and ensure your place in a specific group. However, casinos have now adapted to our fast-paced lifestyle, and the shift to a more casual dress code confirms this.

As time passed, these social norms became way more relaxed, so casinos started reflecting that. And how wouldn’t they? Men’s suits are now less formal, and women’s dresses are more relaxed and comfortable. In order to adapt to our fast-paced way of living and the leisure clothing style, most casinos have ditched the strict dress codes and started welcoming any enthusiast who would want to try out their luck. 

But if you want your VIP experience to become even better and make you feel like a high-roller, then you can still find some casinos that hold onto the traditional dress codes. 

How Did Casinos Affect the Fashion Industry?

Casinos and fashion have a long history together, and in the middle of it, you can find dress codes. By combining these two elements, you enter the world of style, elegance, and a touch of risk and entertainment. 

Years ago, people perceived dress codes as an invitation to go somewhere. In the gambling world, this invitation was luxurious. Just imagine guests entering sophisticated casinos dressed up with the finest clothing. So, don’t be surprised if you run into an older image of men in seamless suits and women in incredible evening gowns. 

However, it wasn’t only about clothes. The casino’s ambience was very suitable for the posh style. There were red carpets, elegant designs, and dimmed lights. So, the overall feeling was like you’re on some of the most luxurious fashion runways. 

But there is also psychology behind the intersection of casinos and dress codes. The high-end style helped you enter the world of premium gamblers, where high stakes and lucrative wins were always part of the table. So, by being dressed well, people felt like they were part of the casino bourgeois.

Aside from all of this, we also need to mention that casino dress codes left a considerable impact on the fashion industry. Fashion brands understood the significance of the casino dress codes, so they decided to collaborate and create specific themed nights and co-branded clothing lines. 

For example, models were wearing sleek suits with casino logos. Additionally, there were even casino events about some designers, where even the drinks, the employees’ uniforms, and the whole atmosphere reflected the brand’s signature casino line. In honour of this, Chanel organised a casino-themed show in 2015, where everything was in the breath of this industry. 

But all of this has significantly changed today. Nowadays, fashion is more dynamic, and people tend to wear relaxed and more comfortable clothes. This is related to the shift in social norms, where being and expressing yourself is a top priority. So, while casinos have adapted to this, some venues have kept the sophisticated ambience of the gambling world. 

Online Casinos and Dress Codes

With the huge changes in social norms and our way of living, casinos constantly need to adapt. Online casinos are probably the milestone of our age. Thanks to them, you can now enjoy your favourite activity and have fun while relaxing in your home and in your most comfortable clothes. 

However, as losing the high-end casino heritage would be a pity, they have found a way to implement some elegant aspects. For example, most modern gambling platforms have neat and well-designed details. Also, many games have oriental themes. All of this serves as a bridge between comfort and the essence of luxury brick-and-mortar casinos.

Online casinos take this approach a step further. In the past, there was an impeccably dressed staff, glancing through the casino halls. Nowadays, you will notice virtual dealers who wear shiny suits and white gloves. In addition, live casino games even allow developers to hire a real-life person who will bring the dash of luxury closer due to their style. 

The Role of Dress Code in Casino Events

Casino tournaments and events are especially important for the traditional dress codes. This is because casinos often pay their respect to past practices and host huge events where everyone is dressed up really nicely. At the same time, they try to showcase style and class and enjoy the thrill of high-end stakes and wins. 

Aside from this, the dress code has a few more roles. So, how about we go through them together to help you create a clearer image of what we’ve discussed? Here are the most prominent dress code roles in the casino industry:

  • Setting the scene
  • Nurture timeless sophistication
  • Dressing for success
  • Signalling exclusivity
  • Improving your experience

How to Determine What to Wear in a Casino?

Based on everything we’ve said and despite the changing fashion trends, some casinos may still have dress codes. Therefore, it’s important to always check for such information on the casino’s official website. If there is a dress code, check out this guide that will help you decide what to wear. 

Men’s Dress Code Tips

  • A collared shirt 
  • A button-up shirt in a solid colour or subtle pattern
  • Dress pants in a neutral colour (black or navy)
  • Dark-coloured suit
  • Tie (not necessary)
  • Pocket square
  • Watch 
  • Well-polished dress shoes

Women’s Dress Code Tips

  • A dress in one colour or subtle pattern
  • Blouse in a neutral colour
  • Pencil skirt
  • Pants 
  • Necklace 
  • Earrings
  • Clutch or small bag
  • Close-toed shoes


Casino dress codes are more than just dress-up rules. They are the secret to luxurious casinos, which enhance your gambling thrill and experience. In fact, the dress code can set the mood, remind you of past gambling times, and boost your confidence. The dress code in some of the casinos also impacts how you feel when you sit at the table and it gives you a sense of belongingness and shared experience. 

So, although casinos are now adapting to the modern way of living and more comfortable clothing styles, they still try to implement a sense of exclusivity. Due to this, online casinos have a lot of oriental elements, game themes, and even virtual dealers dressed up all nicely. 

The next time you encounter a casino dress code, don’t feel overwhelmed. See it as an invitation to become part of an unreal, lucrative world filled with sophistication and big wins!

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