All Details Of TCS Multan Branches

TCS  is one of the most well-known and reputable courier delivery company working in Pakistan. They have set up their service offices in different major cities of Pakistan. Apart from Multan, such as IslamabadLahore, Peshawar, Faisalabad, Abbottabad, Bahawalpur, Burewala, Chaman, Adda, Zakheera, Ahmedpur, East Chichawatni, Chiniot, Dadu Dadyal, and Daska.

They have also set up their different branches in Multan as well. If you need TCS Multan head office number then you are in right place. Here you can get TCS office Multan contact numbers, TCS helpline number Multan regarding your Parcel, Shipment, or cash on delivery packet details.

If you want to know about the status of your courier parcel or if you want to cancel your parcel delivery, you can straight away contact the TCS helpline without any delay.

Details of TCS Multan Head Office

All Details of Multan Branches

We have a list of all TCS Multan branches available for your comfort.

TCS Adda Machiwala Express Center

  • Address Book Center, Multan
  • Phone No: 0345-7081412

 TCS Area Office Express Center

  • Address: 958-B Tareen Road Off Imq Road, Multan
  • Phone: 061-4500941-6

TCS Dakota Express Center

  • Address: Super Store Multan.
  • Phone: 0300-7736389

TCS Dubai Plaza Express Center

  • Address: Dubai Plaza Mall Road Cantt Multan
  • Phone: 061-4504007

TCS Garden Town Express Center

  • Address: Al-Hussain Plaza Garden Town Shershah Road Multan
  • Phone: 061-6008097

TCS Ghalla Mandi  Branch

  • Address: Al-Jannat Super Market Chowk Shah Abas, MUX, Multan
  • Phone: 0300-8690568

TCS Gulgasht Express Center

  • Address: Near Goal Bagh, Opp, Trend Store Multan
  • Phone: 061-6221110

TCS Gulshan Market Express Center

  • Address: Gulshan Market New Multan.
  • Phone: 061-6770699

TCS HSL Road BHV Express Center

  • Address: HSL Road Pully Chowk Bahawalpur, Multan
  • Phone: 0321-6800521

TCS Husayn  Agahi Express Center

  • Address: Circular Road, Husayn Road Multan
  • Phone: 0300-8690568

TCS Luddan Express Center

  • Address: Nadara Kiyasic Center, Multan
  • Phone: 0345-7081412

TCS Multan Mumtazabad Express Center

  • Address: Shop # a-1 Hamid Commercial Centre Mumtazabad, Multan.
  • Phone: 061-6241919

TCS Nishter Chowk  Branch

  • Address: Fatima Tower Nishter Chowk, Multan.
  • Phone: 061-4540097

TCS Qazafi Chowk Express Center

  • Address: Qazafi Chowk Multan.
  • Phone: 061-6776787

TCS Tibba Sultan Express Center

  • Address: Book Center Multan.
  • Phone: 0333-3388854

TCS Trust Plaza Express Center

  • Address: Shop # 4-A Trust Plaza Opp, PTCL Exchange Dera Adda, Multan.
  • Phone: 0300-6304463

TCS University Express Center

  • Address: Bz University Opp, Aysha Hall Multan.
  • Phone: 061-4027552

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