Is a No-Code Test Automation Platform a Right Choice for Salesforce Automation Testing?

Salesforce, a renowned cloud-based software company, has gained widespread recognition for its Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems and sales applications. Despite the abundance of CRM options in the market, Salesforce CRM holds a prominent global position due to various contributing factors. One such factor is the regular release of updates by Salesforce, aimed at enhancing existing functionalities. However, implementing these updates without proper testing can result in modifications and potential impacts on existing features.

Test automation plays a vital role in Salesforce testing, offering an efficient and streamlined approach. There are multiple methods available for conducting tests, and one emerging trend is the use of no-code test automation tools. In this blog, we will provide a comprehensive analysis to help you determine whether a no-code test automation approach is suitable for your Salesforce platform. We’ll also highlight the need for test automation for Salesforce.

How No-Code Test Automation Streamlines the Salesforce Testing?

The no-code test automation platform establishes more streamlined communication with different teams. As there are many stakeholders available in the market, due to no-code test automation, those stakeholders can also equally participate in the testing process. For instance, business users are the ones who need to operate Salesforce to carry out daily activities.

Facilitate Deployment

In the test automation for Salesforce using no code platform, there is no need to write test cases using programming languages. Contrary to this, code-based tools like selenium require proper knowledge of coding and programming. In a nutshell, no-code test automation facilitates the process of deployment as users don’t need to spend time learning programming and coding.


As there is no doubt that, the programming and coding tools are notoriously expensive. A significant amount of time is required in learning how to operate these tools. Through no-test automation, test scripts can be created and executed seamlessly.

Cross Technology Confirmation

Businesses integrated most of the Salesforce application with other technologies to streamline critical operations. For example, some businesses integrate their CRM system with other technologies. The no-code test automation platform can be easily integrated with agile development methodologies.

Enhanced Coverage of the Test

Many codeless tools cover different types of applications, like desktop and virtual applications. The increased coverage of the test showcases that the QA team can get more bandwidth for the test automation for Salesforce.

Improved Test Case Reusability

The codeless test tools enable the reusability of test steps across the project. Most of the codeless platform simplifies the maintenance process through the integration of new-age technologies like AI.

Key Tips to Choose the No-code Test Automation for Salesforce

Below given are some of the key points while selecting the codeless platform for Salesforce

Suitable for Salesforce

While choosing the codeless platform, make sure whether it suits the existing environment or not. For instance, check whether the codeless tool is compatible with the existing functionality of Salesforce.


While selecting the no-code test tool, verify how user-friendly it is. Go with a platform that is easy to use and does not require much programming and coding knowledge. Evaluation of all this will let you know how easy is the creation and execution of test scripts with the existing platform


Go with a tool that can provide detailed reports on test results such as test coverage, pass/fail rate, and test execution time. Apart from this, make sure that the platform is providing adequate resources to help in tough times.

Accelerate the Process of Testing Salesforce With Opkey

In a nutshell, Salesforce CRM is a beneficial tool for businesses. However, testing is the most crucial aspect of getting the most out of your CRM. The complex ecosystem of Salesforce requires a high level of automation. The no-code test automation tool is a viable choice for the automation testing of Salesforce. Apart from this, choosing the right codeless automation platform is also equally important.

Well, Opkey is the popular no-code test automation platform that streamlines the process of test automation for Salesforce by maintaining resilient tests and autonomous script correction.

Opkey is the AI-powered test automation engine for Salesforce that quickly builds the modular test that just needs fewer maintenance efforts and is easily reusable. Furthermore, the impact analysis feature of Opeky quickly updates the test cases with the application update.

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