Roblox Company Documents Shows Just How Much Roblox Developers Earn

At a time when the gaming industry is notoriously making less money, Roblox has continued to thrive. New Roblox Corp. company documents indicate that the company paid out more than $740 million to game developers in 2023, an increase of nearly 20% from the previous year. This is the most the company has ever paid out to its developers, and the number may get higher in 2024.

The Monthly Payments to Developers

Roblox is a game where the company behind the software do very little of the development. Instead, individual developers can use Roblox as a platform. Using a variety of tools provided by Roblox Corp, budding developers can produce their own games which are then accessible to anybody with Roblox accounts. The Roblox developers can charge people for certain features in the games they develop, with Roblox Corp. taking a commission from that.

Many games on the Roblox platform have made significant sums of cash:

  • Over 100 titles earned over $1 million in the course of a year.
  • Over 9 titles earned over $10 million.
  • Over 750 earned $100,000
  • Over 3,500 earned over $10,000
  • Over 12,000 developers earned some cash that could be withdrawn from their account.

This means that Roblox games are making vast sums of cash. While only a fraction of the games developed on the platform will make money at all, it is clear that developing on Roblox can deliver some decent income if you end up producing something that’s a hit. It would be rare for a developer to hit over $10 million on other platforms, for instance.

What This Means For the Future of the Game

While Roblox has had a few issues over the years, a lot of which relate to the company being seen as predatory, those issues have now started to clear up. This has resulted in Roblox becoming a much more viable development platform for companies.

While more money can always be made away from Roblox, if a game is in the hands of a decent developer or publisher, it is evident that companies developing on the Roblox platform have the potential to make some money. So, we expect that there may be more and more games produced on Roblox over the coming few years. Many companies will want a slice of that pie.

We’ll also probably notice a big shift towards more branded content, especially since it is clear that many of the people on Roblox are willing to spend a decent chunk of change to make their gameplay experience that much better.

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