How Much Average Settlement Can You Expect for a Traumatic Brain Injury in Cedar Rapids?

Car accidents in Cedar Rapids can result in different injuries, including those that impact the brain. Traumatic brain injuries or TBIs are common kinds of brain injuries that can develop in car accidents. Depending on the type of TBI you suffer, you could face life-long complications, ongoing medications, and long-term life adjustments. 

Traumatic brain injuries can result from accidents that subject the head to a forceful blow. They can occur from motor vehicle accidents, slip and fall accidents, firearm-related suicides, sports accidents, and violence. Because of the serious impacts of a TBI on a victim, maximizing their TBI claim must be a priority. This makes it essential to contact a personal injury attorney at

Average Settlement for a TBI

The majority of personal injury cases are resolved without court intervention, which makes it difficult to determine the average settlement value for a TBI. But a TBI is a serious form of brain injury and the damage that a victim can incur can be huge. If the injury results in permanent disability, the settlement can amount to millions. But keep in mind that not all TBIs can fetch a big settlement. People who have minor concussions may recover less than those who suffer a diffuse axonal injury.  To make the most out of your claim, contact an experienced attorney to help you determine your claim’s value. 

Factors that Impact Your TBI Settlement

Your TBI claim’s settlement value can depend on the following factors:

  • The seriousness of your TBI. A TBI that results in long-term symptoms or permanent disabilities can fetch more than people who suffer from mild concussions. But people with mild TBIS may deal with long-term symptoms that impact their way of living. Such symptoms can affect their settlement value.
  • Incurred and expected medical expenses. If you suffer from a TBI because of an accident, you may incur big medical bills, depending on how serious your injury is. Such a factor can impact your settlement value. If your TBI involves permanent disabilities or long-term symptoms, you may need life-long therapy, treatments, and rehabilitation, resulting in future medical expenses. 
  • Lost income. After you sustain a TBI, you may have to take some time off of work while you get treatment and recover from the injury. Sometimes, a TBI may force you out of work, permanently impacting your financial status. If you sustain a TBI because of another person’s negligence, you may be able to seek compensation for current and future lost income. 

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