Bookmakers with Cyber Sports

In recent years, as traditional sports have come under restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic, cybersports have taken a leading role in betting. In addition to the fact that specialized sites for betting on cybersports began to appear en masse, almost all bookmakers began to include cybersports events in their lines. This to some extent allowed bookmakers to stay afloat, taking bets on cybersports. The choice of betting at bookmaker offices on cybersports is small. Only specialized sites can provide fans with full access to the entire line of cybersports. What is the main feature of betting on cybersports? What are the differences between bets in this discipline, and what criteria should a cybersport bookmaker meet?

Features of Cybersports

Main games* – Dota2, Starcraft 2, League of Legends, Counter-Strike, Mortal Combat, FIFA.

Margin* – comparison of the same match in different offices.

Unlike traditional sports, where the result depends on the physical qualities of the athlete, in cyber sports everything looks different. In soccer, in hockey and even in boxing a lot of things are decided by chance. Computer games have completely different rules.

Another important condition is the balance of opportunities for the participants of the game. In every computer game the chances of the participants must be equal. Counter-Strike, Dota2 are vivid examples of successful games that have received the status of cyber sports disciplines. Following shooters are strategies, among which Starcraft is a clear favorite.

On the websites of the best bookmaker offices for cybersports bets are accepted on games in the following genres:

  • Shooters
  • Strategies
  • Fighting
  • Simulators
  • Racing.

It turns out that the site for betting on cybersports should be able to provide the bettor with all the necessary information about the upcoming virtual fight. Accordingly, in the line and in the rosette should stand all the possible in each case variants of outcomes. The rules of each game affect the options of outcomes, so you can often see a whole set of incomprehensible quotes in the bookmaker’s line.

In addition, cybersport differs from ordinary sports in the absence of regular tournaments. There are no national leagues and championships, competitions are always held in an international format. Without proper training, it is difficult for analysts to give the right quotes for the upcoming fight. Accordingly, without proper training and knowledge, it will be difficult for a player to make the right bet on cybersport.

Where is the Best Place to Bet on Cybersports – How to Evaluate

It’s not enough just to have an interest in the upcoming cybersports event, it wouldn’t hurt to know where to bet on cybersports and how a bet at a bookmaker’s office should look like. As a rule, the rating of bookmakers on cybersports contains only verified and up-to-date information. Given the dynamics of modern betting, the positions in the rating are constantly changing, but in general, the top 10 includes the best betting sites.

Each betting company for cybersport, included in the rating, is evaluated by a whole set of criteria. This is done in order to avoid subjective evaluation.


The line on such a site looks completely different than on the usual bookmaker’s offices. The main disciplines are prioritized:

  • Dota2;
  • Starcraft 2;
  • League of Legends;
  • World of Tanks;
  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive;
  • Mortal Combat.

All of the above games are put on the line in accordance with the calendar of major official tournaments. Less frequently, events from regional tournaments appear in the lineup.

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